Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kenkoy Comics and Solo's Fab Collection

Who would have thought that you can make classy pieces from a famous comic strip made popular decades even before our parents made it into this world? Solo proves that it is very much possible and while they have been celebrating our National Artists a few times already, it's now Tony Velasquez's Kenkoy Comics in the spotlight. :D

I have to admit, even though I always read the comics section from the daily paper my dad never fails to buy, I've never even heard of or seen any Kenkoy comics before. Asking my dad about it proved fruitless, he himself isn't aware of the character. So a bit of research and I found myself reading through around seven different comic strips. They were funny in a way because I am not used to seeing strips in full and old-fashioned Tagalog mixed with English, and because Kenkoy himself portrays the jejemon of the past, in a successful and good way, despite his naughty and "pasaway" attitude.

Upon reading, here is my favorite strip, and its sequel. It's about Kenkoy discovering that his old father is in love with Rosing, who is actually the lady Kenkoy is after. Being naughty, he faked a love letter from Rosing and addressed it to his father on new year's day, who in high hopes went out in his best suit that Kenkoy refers to as his burial clothes :p.

Kenkoy surprises his father and was chased after with a stick. What I like better than this strip is the strip immediately after it, which shows that Kenkoy most probably inherited his wits from his father, Mister Tatang. Kenkoy seemingly outwitted his father at first, but in the end Mister Tatang prevailed and won anyway. Read the second strip here:

Kenkoy shows a lot of personality that you could definitely see in many Filipinos nowadays, though most of it people prefer to stay hidden. It goes to show that Kenkoy still lives among us today, haha.

Looking further, let's look into the life of the future Kenkoy. Settling down with the woman of his dreams, having a ton of kids, and being successful. Maybe this strip is one of the last releases of Kenkoy:

Reading all the seven Kenkoy comic strips made me wonder why it didn't last after more decades in the comic industry. It would have made people laugh nowadays. Back then comics used to make people laugh, but looking at most comics now, the storylines are very elaborate and complicated. Maybe it's time we go back to the simple life ang laugh our hearts out at the corniest things.

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