Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America Is My Newest Addiction!

Admit it, you find that the wimpy, thin guy who drank the super-serum became so much of a hunk afterwards. Now who wouldn't want to have that serum on the table, waiting to be gulped down? Imagine having that much power on your hands...

Those were the words running through my mind when we saw the trailer of Captain America while waiting for the movie to start. Gosh I loved the trailer. Even as a kid, my dad happily leafs through pages of Captain America comics. Yeah, he's such a comic and cartoons addict that he wouldn't let go of the remote while watching Dragon Ball. And guess who took after her own father? Comics have literally dominated my childhood life! Here are some fan art that I totally love! Isn't this hero so cool?

What really striked me is how cool the effects shown on the trailer were, and seeing them on the big screen is definitely an exciting moment to await! But it's not the hardcore action and the machines nor the guns that got my full blown attention and made me decide on the spot that we would definitely watch Captain America on it's first screening this year. 

So what is it, you ask? What can possibly be my favorite Captain America moment?

It's pretty simple. It's the awesome transformation that Steve Rogers have underwent in that machine. While Howard Stark and the army watched in awe how hot of a guy Rogers looked as he stepped out of the machine, after he got a dose of the super serum. It was such a climactic event, I waited in anticipation as the lights in the scene went back. And gosh, Rogers went from a total zero to an instant hero. Even before the trailer, this scene from the comic books was such a hit for me!

While that transformation is awesome enough, I would love to emphasize my love for dramatic lines, such as those from Spiderman's uncle. I love it how the army's doctor delivered this line in the trailer: "A weak man knows the value of strength, knows the value of power." Beat that!

So there you have it, just a snippet of my thoughts around Captain America's new movie, which I would totally love to watch! If you happened to miss the trailer, I scoured the web a few weeks ago trying to find the trailer so I can show it here at home. Eat your hearts out:

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