Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pink! Pink! Pink Giveaway!

Isn't this bag so adorably pink and sassy? I am so in love with it and I am practically begging for Kurdapya to give it to me! :)

Now who is Kurdapya? She is the lovely author of these lovely babies who you should definitely visit:

And she has decided to have her very first giveaway now, hence the name "For the First Time" giveaway! Yes! Finally, with a happy heart and generous spirit, Kurdapya is inviting everyone to come and join. I'm definitely joining it, so should you! Do I sound overly excited? It's because I really am! All you have to do is blog about the giveaway, like her on Facebook, and of course, make a comment regarding what you did. What are you waiting for, exactly?

Contest ends on March 31, 2011. And the bag is so absolutely stunningly gorgeous!!!!!

Here is the contest page:

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