Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miss Princess Giveaway! Super Pink And Cute!

 Charlotte is giving away a really adorable loot bag of princess dress-up for little girls!
I would love to give this to my lovely niece!

” Every girl Deserves to be a Princess, Join now! and WIN this”

Miss Princess Dress up Set , Ages 3+
Prizes are:
1 Pink Tutu Skirt
1 Pink Butterfly Wand
2 Pink Butterfly Bracelet
1 Pink Flower Bracelet
1 Pair of Pink Princess Sandals 1 inch. high
(2 Dora items)
1 Dora Cologne
1 Dora Body Powder

Everyone loves to be a princess at one point in their girly lives! :) Join now!
Go to the contest page: http://www.charlottev.com/2011/03/07/miss-princess-giveaway-preview/

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