Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Win up to $75 from Fat Girl No More!

You can never beat a lady's determination to live a healthier, and definitely sexier lifestyle. I admire her enthusiasm and patience for losing weight. No wonder this sassy lady has lost thirty pounds for the past year! Cheers to her and a good life ahead. Hopefully this rubs off on me so I can start living a lot healthier as well!

So in celebration of One Year, Thirty Pounds, A Few Steps Back and Ten Steps Forward here’s a little blog contest from Fat Girl No More:

The winning blogger will receive $50 via Paypal and tokens from Blogger Manila :) Since I’m sure ALL your weight loss/fitness goals are equally important and great, the winner will be selected via a raffle using Random.Org
But that’s not all :) A lucky winner will also be receiving $25 via a separate raffle. 

And since this will serve as my very own entry, I would like to answer her question:
What is your weight loss/health and fitness goal for this year and..
Oh, I really want to get my waistline back to 25. Right now it's more of a 27 due to the lot of fastfood and celebrations Alex and I have been going to, so I'm more than willing to get back in shape. And I will drag Alex into this as well! His lean 29 waistline back then is now a 32, and that is definitely not hot. :) do you intend to achieve this?

I recently bought MTV's Power Yoga CD from Odyssey, and it comes with a short pilates workout targeting the abdomen as well. I'm planning on doing it during the weekends since we are both still in school, but once we graduate this April, then we can do it at least thrice a week! And of course, we will be cutting down on the fat and carbs reasonably. :)

That's it! And now, to thank our sponsors..

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